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Item #: SCP-4356

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-4356 is self-containing. Efforts are made to prevent further infection through a disinformation campaign throughout Foundation-controlled media, primarily through painting SCP-4356 in a negative light. Foundation personnel are prohibited from accessing SCP-4356 while at work due to threat of contaminating the SCiPNET database. In the event of contamination, the affected hard drive is to be reformatted. Any researchers wishing to study SCP-4356 must have written permission from Level 3 personnel beforehand, and are to perform all investigations on non-Foundation computers.

Description: SCP-4356 is a predominantly English-language website known as 4chan. Although appearing to be a non-anomalous imageboard dedicated to a variety of hobbies including anime, videogames, graphic design, and science, it exerts a combination of memetic and antimemetic effects on subjects who view it (hereafter termed SCP-4356-A). The most common reactions to SCP-4356's content are, in order:
1. Horror 2. Disgust 3. Uncertainty 4. Interest 5. Fascination 6. Arousal 7. Addiction 8. [REDACTED]
After an SCP-4356-A instance reaches the fourth stage, it will be likely to continue browsing of its own volition. After it reaches the seventh stage, it will be unable to quit voluntarily. After it reaches the eighth stage, [DATA EXPUNGED]. At this point, Class B amnestics must be applied within approximately 25 hours to save the instance.
SCP-4356 exposes SCP-4356-A instances to a memetic effect that results in progressive obsession with SCP-4356 and alters numerous responses to stimuli. Results of this memetic effect include:
>Finding photographs and videos of mutilation, murder, rape, and [REDACTED] satisfying, amusing, or arousing
>Altered sleep cycle, reduced need for sleep, or belief that sleep is unnecessary
>Irrational hatred for numerous groups, including but not limited to black people, LGBT people, members of any other nation, members of one's own nation, humanity in general, and [REDACTED]
>Obsession to a degree more intense than 99.4% of humanity (on the Zyklon-Schopenhauer scale) with anime, tabletop games, horror fiction, videogames, fitness, or any of a variety of other niche topics
>Anomalous knowledge of skinwalkers, succubi, aliens, ancient human civilizations, the SCP Foundation and SCP objects, and [REDACTED]

SCP-4356 also exposes SCP-4356-A instances to an antimemetic effect that results in a desire to hide involvement with SCP-4356 and makes the subject progressively more unwilling to discuss it. At stage 8, this effect makes the subject unwilling to discuss SCP-4356 with anyone without the use of force or application of sodium thiopental.
Due to SCP-4356's unusual properties and the altered responses of SCP-4356-A instances, SCP-4356 serves as a useful recruitment ground for the Foundation's tech support, exploration, interrogation, and [REDACTED] divisions.

Addendum: Interrogation of a member of GOI-004 (The Church of the Broken God) by Dr. [REDACTED], an instance of SCP-4356-A in the employ of the Foundation.
Interview Date: March 6, 2012
Interviewee: PoI-#004/8413
Interviewer: Dr. [REDACTED]
Notes: PoI-#004/8413 attacked Site-19 and was subsequently captured by Foundation forces. Dr. [REDACTED] oversaw the interrogation.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Alright faggot, who are you and why the fuck did you come here?
PoI-#004/8413: My name's Amanda. And what the hell is wrong with you?
Dr. [REDACTED]: I'm asking the questions, cocksucker. How'd you breach Site-19?
At this point PoI-#004/8413 stared at Dr. [REDACTED] defiantly and refused to talk further.
Dr. [REDACTED]: I was hoping you'd do that.
Dr. [REDACTED] proceeded to beat, rape, and [DATA EXPUNGED] PoI-#004/8413, while shouting various memes confirmed to have originated from SCP-4356. Three minutes later, PoI-#004/8413 spoke up again.
PoI-#004/8413: Stop! Stop!
Dr. [REDACTED]: Hurry up, bitch. My dick's not gonna clean itself.
PoI-#004/8413: Oh God... oh fuck... you win. We did it through [DATA LOCKED TO PERSONNEL OF CLEARANCE 4 OR HIGHER]. Please, God, just leave me alone. I thought you guys were supposed to be professional?
Dr. [REDACTED]: We are. And you just gave me the information I needed.

After an assessment of his actions, Dr. [REDACTED] was put on unpaid leave for 3 months and transferred from interrogation to Safe-class archival upon his return.

Addendum 2: SCP-4356-A individuals have a far higher than baseline chance of developing unusual fetishes and paraphilias, including, but not limited to:
Xenophilia in particular poses a high threat to any member of the Foundation, as Incident 4356-7 and Incident 4357-9 demonstrated.

Addendum 3: Incident 4356-9
Assistant Researcher [REDACTED] approached SCP-682's containment chamber, and claimed to have knowledge of a method of neutralizing SCP-682 but that it was a potent cognitohazard and thus he couldn't explain it without ruining the effects, and his idea for neutralization required deactivation of acid. Approval was granted by Site Director Adams, with the caveat that if Assistant Researcher [REDACTED] did not return within 10 minutes, acid was to be resumed.
At 9 minutes, guards checked on Assistant Researcher [REDACTED]. He was found dead and mostly devoured, naked aside from a condom.

Addendum 3: Incident 4356-9
Agent [REDACTED] installed MalO ver1.0.0 onto her cell phone despite knowing of its effects. This breach was logged by Foundation security protocols and Agent [REDACTED] was confronted. Upon the arrival of MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") she refused to surrender her phone, screaming "Fuck off, you faggots! That undead wolf pussy is gonna be the shit!" Agent [REDACTED] was incapacitated and Class-C amnestics were administered.

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